Terms of use - MiitMi - Dating app
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Terms of use

Miitmi has 18 year age restriction for use.


If you are honest, kind and respectful for others, you will have a wonderful time. On the dating app miitmi! Our goal is to let the users use it freely, as long that you are not abusive to others. Everyone is treated equal on Miitmi, we ask you to show respect, think before you act and behave after our guidelines and normal behaviour.



All content which is abusive, or content which include nudeness, violence, alcohol references, vicious humour, or similar content will be removed, and your user account will be deleted.

Content who is reported of other users, will be handled within 2 hours, and removed from app.

In case three people report the same content your user profile automaticaly be removed, and with no notice.



We have no tolerance for hateful comments. All content which promote or accepts violence. Individuals, or groups based on race, or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, sexual preference, sexual identity are strictly forbidden, and the result is that you are permanently excluded on the app.



Eventual reports on harassment, threats, mockering, abusement of integrity, terms of use, or exposure of other peoples personal information will be taken very seriously. You are not allowed to take snapshots of other peoples profile, or messenger board, and distribute or make that public. Miitmi will exclude every user who has behaved in such a matter, and the content of the user in the app will be deleted.



MiitMI have a zero tolerance policy for aggressive behaviour of any kind, Any who try to use any users private content to use it in a bad or non legally matter, will be excluded. Any user who share there own private accounts with the intention to receive money from other users, will also be excluded. If someone reports you or your content as fraud, your user profile will be deleted.



Be real, fake content is not allowed on Miitmi, If your only drive on Miitmi is to promote third parties sites, url, or your own special content, you will be blocked on this app.



Nude og sexual content.

Miitmi is not the place to show provocative content, or nudeness of any kind through pictures. Sexual content, sextoys, or sexual behaviour med mer is not allowed.

Pictures which are reported will automaticaly be deleted and your user profile will be closed if 3 people report your user profile on this regards.


Violent or graphic content

We will not allow violent, graphic, filthy or user profiles which include hateful statements.

All content or pictures will be deleted within 24 hours after the content has been reported to us. Content which we feel are disrespectful towards others will be removed or the user will be excluded.


Breach of copyright

If the content don’t belong to you, it doesn’t belong on Miitmi, Content on your profile which other people has the copyright to, (and they don’t have given you permission to use) will be deleted.


Phone number – or private information

Don’t publish your phone number on your user profile. Miitmi has a double match system, which says that two people must swipe to the right to connect. After you are connected, users can call or chat with each other without given any information that are given on the user profile. You can connect through video chat or chat, so such information can be shared privately if you want to. Private information as phone number, personal id number, addresses, passwords, or financial information will be deleted.


Report bad behaviour of any kind 

On Miitmi;

There are available report buttons on every users profile which can be used if you feel or see any content that are unacceptable to you or your fellow users. Don’t hesitate to report content. Will will swiftly remove the content, because Miitmi are a serious and friendly application. Every report will be taken care of within 24 hours, Content that is reported from more than one user will automaticaly be removed, and the user profile will be closed without notice.


Miitmi are suppose to be fun and kind space to meet for everyone, with limited set of rules, we feel that responsibility for the content is yours, and if you behave in right manner, you will not meet any problems with our application.